Every night is Student night at Harbour. Students meet throughout the week so no matter what you have on, you’ll always be able to go to something…

What we do:

 Student Socials

One of our core values is that we don’t want to take life too seriously so we make time once a month to get all the students together and let loose. Sometimes that looks like a giant nerf war throughout the church, other times we may hit up Playzone for a night of soft play and vodka slush puppies, but the main reason we do this is because we want to build community and create an environment where you feel comfortable bringing your mates.  


Growth Track

The student Growth track happens weekly and is for any student who wants to grow in a particular area of their faith. It involves Alpha, which is a great introduction to faith. Bible Track, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go deeper in their knowledge of the bible and how to tackle it. And finally, Discipleship. This stage of the track enables students to wrestle with what it is to live the Christian life.

You could join the growth track at any stage or just start from the beginning and do a different stage each term, It’s there to meet you where you’re at!


Harbour Co. Crews 

Crews meet fortnightly and are all about building community. Harbour Crews meet all over the city, some in houses, some in halls of residence, some in coffee shops, pubs, bars, restaurants. The purpose of being in a crew is so that our students have a ‘crew’ of people they can do life with, pray with, tackle the bible with, and grow with.


The Six

The Six is our informal evening gathering and the one all of our students are involved in. We have The Six up at Harbour Church Commercial Road, and doors open at 6pm sharp.

Every week we have a café before the service (6 – 6:30) serving homemade baked goods, delicious micro brewed Brazilian coffee and more.

After the service we open ‘The Har-Bar’ that serves variety Beers including Brewdog, Brooklyn Larger, and a selection of delicious ciders all for a ‘suggested donation’ of £1 each. We also have a selection of canned soft drinks available free of charge.

The vision of The Six is to bring people who are far from God closer to him, and we do that through excellence, worship and community which is why we create lots of social time at our services.

At The Six you can ‘belong before you believe’ so no matter where you’re from, what you’ve done, or where you’re at on this faith journey… You can find a home here!