“In 2016 Portsmouth had a 147% increase of homelessness from the previous year and is continuing to rise. Lack of employment opportunities, relationship breakdowns, financial struggles and mental health all play a part.”

Statistic from Homeless Link


Safe Harbour’s Vision is to invest in meaningful relationships, meet the individual’s deep-seated needs for personal, authentic connection and relationship, which could lead to increased self-worth, dignity and sense of self-efficacy. We want to show that Love is an action by serving and caring for these individuals so that they would encounter the person and the love of Jesus. This will be a way to initially connect with those who are homeless but the hope is that this will lead to them wanting to change their current situation. 

Safe Harbour go out every other week on outreach if you would like to get involved please email safeharbour@harbourchurchportsmouth.org or fill out the form below.

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