Homeless Outreach

The homeless outreach of Harbour Church Portsmouth aims to love and serve the homeless of Portsmouth and ultimately to see all homeless housed and supported. Having started last September, the team has been working on building relationships and providing support.

Yasmin Lane is a part of the Safe Harbour team that covers the Commercial Road area. In this blog she describes what a typical outreach looks like, who they encounter and their stories. 

“This evening we covered the Commercial Road and Guildhall Walk area. We saw 9 homeless people, gave out 7 food packages, 8 cups of coffee and 1 tea. We were very blessed to have the opportunity to chat to them. Many were on the street due to drugs and broken-down relationships. We were thankful with how open they were to discussing their problems with us. 

A particular story that stuck with me was a lady who had lost her leg in a car accident 9 months ago and was still awaiting a fitting for a prosthetic leg. She was yet to receive it due to depression and missing appointments. Her friend had been in hospital for 3 weeks following blood poisoning and another lady there had a boot on due to being attacked for sleeping in a doorway. These three were very receptive to the point that we sat on the ground and chatted for some time with them, they even offered for myself to join them sitting on their blanket rather than the cold floor. 

This is just one story of many of the difficulties for people who are living on the streets. But it’s amazing how quickly we’ve been able to grow relationships with them, and how many are receptive to prayer and the support we can offer. God’s doing great things and there is such hope for change in Portsmouth.”


If you would like to find out more about the Safe Harbour or how to get involved please contact safeharbour@harbourchurchportsmouth.org or visit the Welcome Wall on Sunday.

Jessica Elliott