THE VISION: Church Planting

 When I was a university student in Manchester I wasn’t a Christian, I didn’t go to church and I didn’t have any Christian friends. At the start of my second year I decided to go to a church. I wanted to see if there was more to life, I wanted to explore whether I could find any purpose or meaning in Christianity.

I turned up to my local church – I just went to the building that looked most like a church and turned up to their morning service. I sat through an hour of this church service and made a break for it as soon as I could.

Even though I’m sure that the few people who were there that Sunday morning were lovely people, the service, the community and the place was utterly irrelevant to my life. I didn’t understand the words they were using, I didn’t know what I was meant to do, nobody spoke to me and I found nothing that would make a difference to my life.

A few years later I did end up going to a church and I met with Jesus and my life changed forever. Since then I’ve been passionate about every church in England being full of life, being a place where people can go and find real friendship, community and discover a faith that is real, a relationship with Jesus that brings purpose, freedom, meaning and identity.

We are part of a church planting movement – a network of churches that was to see the reviatlisation of the church all across the UK and the world. We’re called to play our part in Portsmouth and beyond. At Harbour Church we have a vision to play our part in seeing every Anglican church in the city full of life, thriving and seeing new people come to know and love Jesus. We’re working with Portsmouth diocese and other amazing churches in the city to see this vision become a reality.

There are two specific opportunities coming up in the next few months where I believe we can make a real difference. We want to plant a new service in to St Alban’s Church Copnor, and we want to partner with St George’s Portsea. 

On vision Sunday, this Sunday 4th March, I’m going to be talking about what we believe might be possible and how each one of us can be involved.

Don’t miss it!


Jessica Elliott