Harbour Coffee

Harbour Coffee is a coffee shop with a difference. We aim to serve the best coffee on the high street and see people’s lives transformed as we do it. Harbour Coffee is Harbour Church’s coffee shop on the main high street in Portsmouth.

As well as serving amazing coffee, great food and cold drinks, we’re working to see people’s lives transformed in four ways:

Loneliness: We open up Harbour Coffee on key days, like Christmas Day for anyone who has nowhere else to be. Last Christmas we served 60 meals to homeless, lonely, and vulnerable people. If you want to help out with any of these days, then please be in touch.

Community: Harbour coffee house is an amazing hub of community for Harbour Church. In a city where loneliness, depression and isolation are rife, we provide a place where people can congregate, knowing they’re likely to see a friend, a smiling face and someone who’s ready to chat to them. Whether you’ve been to Harbour Church before or not, you’ll find a home away from home here.

Investing: We want to see the renewal of our city. Portsmouth High Street has seen major decline over recent years and part of seeing God’s Kingdom advancing in Portsmouth is seeing the city flourishing. We want to invest in our city by renting commercial property, revitalizing a closed shop front on the high street, employing local people and offering a great venue in the city centre.

Social Enterprise: All of the profits from Harbor Coffee go directly to our work with vulnerable women, long-term unemployed and ex-offenders.

Follow us on Instagram @harbourcoffeehouse and find us on Facebook here.

Jessica Elliott