At Harbour, we are passionate about investing in future leaders; whether for ministry, ordination, or the workplace. We believe that the Church is most effective in its mission when its leaders are engaged in every sphere of society, and we are also desperate to see gifted and called young people step into the vocation of ordained ministry.

The Harbour Residency Year is an eleven month programme of leadership training through intentional discipleship and church-based work placement. Each resident is linked to a particular ministry stream/s, and the programme has tailored teaching and experiences throughout the year to help candidates grow in their different ministries.



The primary focus of this first year residency will be on developing ministerial and professional leadership, as well as growing in both emotional and spiritual maturity. The year is designed to provide leadership experience through serving in an area of ministry tailored to your own gifts and passions, with a specific emphasis on innovating areas of church life. As a resident at Harbour Church, you will have the opportunity to cast and execute your own visions, supported by a line manager on the senior leadership of the church. One morning a week will be devoted to teaching and reflections specifically tailored to your year as residents, and on development of your own personal and spiritual lifestyles. 


For those current first year interns wishing to explore a calling to full time church ministry, there is the opportunity to stay on for a second year. The responsibilities of our second-year residents will be expanded to cover much larger areas of church life, with the emphasis on helping you to grow in managerial and team leadership skills that will equip you to become an integral part of a church staff team. The aim of the second year is also to encourage and support those who feel particularly called to ordained ministry.


This is for applicants who are currently in the work place. We want to offer you a model of development that allows you to remain in your work place, but to still grow in calling and leadership. Part-time residency candidates will serve two church-based placement days per week, and are encouraged to spend the remaining working week in the work place.


How much does it cost? The Harbour Residency Year is free of charge. We want you to be able to fully immerse yourself in your residency year, without additional financial concerns. Successful applicants will be offered free accommodation close to Harbour Church, and given a small monetary gift at the start of each term.