Harbour Co has a vision to change people’s perceptions of church. Many people outside of the church view Christianity as limiting, party pooping, set of rules that are impossible to accomplish. This isn’t the case. One of the first question young Christians are asked are do you drink? For some reason our message has been lost. Christianity isn’t about rule but about freedom and hope.

Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding in Cana where they ran out of wine. Jesus chose this moment to reveal himself. Jesus turned water to wine keeping they party going, yet for some reason the church has a reputation of spoiling the party. It doesn’t add up.

Harbour Co has a vision to keep the party going.


Craig Groeschel says “To reach the people nobody’s reaching, we must do the things nobody is doing”

We believe this whole heartedly. At Harbour Co we welcome innovation. We want to be at the forefront of creativity and use that to share the hope that we have and change people’s perception of church.

One of our Core values is Belonging. We want people to ‘Belong before they Believe’. We are committed to creating and maintaining environments for people to come and belong no matter who they are and what they believe. We are for all, Always.

As a people we are constantly in pursuit of Excellence. We believe we are called to give our best in everything we do both as an act of worship to God and as an act of love and appreciation for others. Excellence for us looks like going above and beyond in everything we do from providing the best coffee we can to making the most of every conversation.

Harbour Co. aims to show 15-29 year olds, those dubbed ‘generation fear’, that there is a different way to live. We have a hope, as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

To do this, Harbour Co. seeks to mobilise and equip this ‘missing generation’ within the church to engage with the ‘missing generation’ outside the church. We gather together on Sunday nights and throughout the week across the city, to worship and socialise. We are always looking for new ways to share the hope we have with those around us. One way we do this is through the Harbour Co. merchandise, which helps foster creativity and a sense of belonging, enables a visible presence in the city and creates opportunities for conversations in daily life. Harbour Co. merch will soon be available on our instagram shop, watch this space!

We meet every Sunday at 6pm. Why not find out more and join us one Sunday?

To find out more about things happening in the different sections in Harbour Co. visit the pages below!